A nice cookie for your candy

Do you have your own animal walking around in your living room? A dog? A cat? A guinea pig. A hamster or a rabbit? Then you want to reward your best friend every now and then with a treat? Or just have something fun to play with. But where do you find such a thing? At vetsend you will find everything you could wish for your pet. Do you want to know what you can find on vetsend? Then read on.

A treat for your Miffy

When you have a pet, it is sometimes nice to be able to reward your pet with something tasty. For example, if they have listened to you very carefully, you are training your dog, for example, or simply because they deserve a treat. At vetsend you have something delicious for all pets. For example, with a dog, think of dog treats, biscuits, or chopsticks. For example, while teaching the dog tricks, you can reward them with a treat if they have done it right.

Have a nice time

Just like humans, dogs need to get rid of their energy every now and then. You can do this by ordering a toy for your pet from Vetsend. For example, think of a ball for your dog, a neat mouse on a string for your cat, a wheel for your hamster and a wheel for your guinea pig. This way you can find something for all pets on Vetsend that suits them. By purchasing a toy from Vetsend, your pet also learns to become dependent and will not want to play with you continuously later on. This allows you to do something for yourself every now and then, when the dog is entertaining itself. Therefore it’s always good to keep this in mind when you are searching for new products for your dog or other pet.

Get rid of those fleas

An annoying thing for your pet: fleas. However, all pets can suffer from this. With vetsend you have simple means that fight fleas but can also prevent them. For example, you can buy a pipette from Vetsend, which you have to put in the neck of your dog every now and then. This will cause the fleas that are in the dog’s coat to fall out and there will be no more fleas on your dog’s coat for a while. As a result, your pet does not itch, and your house is flea-free.

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