Effectiveness and Safety of Dog Electric Fence Collars

The popularity of invisible fence systems has risen in recent years. With these electronic systems, they commit that not only will they confine a dog to the yard but; even so doing it without having to build a big, expensive fence or dig anything up on the premises. These factors make electric fences even more interesting to people who move around a lot with their dogs or those who do not feel like having to enclose property for some reason. Still, does a dog electric fence collar shock? If you are like most dog owners, you may be wondering how effective and safe these types of dog collars are.

How It Works

For a number of reasons, you really should keep your dog from getting out of the yard: it means they won’t dart out in front of moving vehicles, you won’t be risking contact with dangerous dogs or people and will be less annoying to everybody in town.

An electric fence puts a shock on the dog (applies to any other animal) whenever it tries to cross a set barrier. The purpose of the shock is to get the dog away from the boundary and back into the safety of its yard. Most e-fences emit a “warning” before the barrier is crossed as well, usually either a high-pitched sound or a light shock.

There are two main types of electric fences: traditional electric fences and invisible fences.

Cattle farms usually use traditional electric fences, but in many cases, pet parents put these shapes even on dogs and other animals. Unlike more traditional pickets or mesh, these e-fences look like fences but use electrified wires stretched between wooden posts along the edge of their property. Wires are connected and pass an electric current so when the animal touches them, it gets shocked with a shock of electricity.

Dog parents use invisible fences more often. They do not use physical fencing but instead, a transmitting device or specialized wire to establish limits for your dog. With a transmitter, the dog’s area of access will consist of an electronic radius around it. The wires, which are usually in the soil but can also be placed on the lawn directly, provide a more exact boundary.

In the case of invisible fences, your dog is fitted with an electronic receiver collar that delivers a sound or shock stimulus when approaching and crossing over it. Usually, the strength of shock can be easily adjusted as per your pet’s size.

Safety and Effectiveness

The safety of the static correction is one of the most significant concerns among pet owners who are considering using an electric dog fence. Importantly, these corrections are not hazardous at all but rather resemble the feeling of a feeble static shock.

They are to discourage dogs from stepping over that limit, not to make them hurt. That being said, the proper and correct use of an electric dog fence is a safe and reliable means to keep your dog secured yet still able to enjoy movement within its boundaries.

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