Health Issues in Your Pets When They Reach Their Senior Age

Dogs and cats, even if they reach their old age, will still be the little puppies and kittens that you brought for the first time to the house. Aging is something that you cannot stop and when your dog or cat reaches its old age, it is suggested to keep an eye on them to look for any possible health conditions that might arise with the signs of aging.

Seniority of Dogs

According to the Veterinary Medical Association of any particular state, the dog and cat are considered an adult when they complete 7 years. However, this is not set for all dog breeds. The bigger the dog gets, the earlier their adulthood age can be.

For instance, a Great Dane breed will be considered an adult when it reaches 6 years of age, whereas a Chihuahua will reach its adult age when it reaches 8 or 9 years of age.

Dog Euthanasia

Euthanasia is the process of letting the pet attain its final sleeping hours with the help of some medications. This process is suggested for such dogs that have reached the final days of their lives and have no other treatment options for them.

You can consult the vet working for Zen Dog Veterinary Care PLLC if you feel like your pet has reached the final stage of its life. They even offer at home dog euthanasia Brooklyn service for your pet, if you feel like letting your dog stay in its comfort zone while falling to its final slumber. You can visit their webpage to know more.

Health Problems in Dogs

Here are some of the commonly noticed healthcare issues in pets, when they reach their senior ages.

·        Loss of Vision and Hearing

The degeneration of tissues in the ears and eyes can result in causing seeing and hearing loss in dogs after they reach their senior ages. Prolonged vision loss can result in the development of cataracts, partial or even total blindness.

·        Kidney Diseases

Many issues can cause damage to the kidney. It can be because of exposure to toxins, cancers, infections, immune system malfunction, and so on. The actual cause of the issue might not be discovered at the time of diagnosis, but the inner lying problem can end up causing serious problems in the later years.

·        Joint Problems

Osteoarthritis is common in pets that have reached their senior ages. The lubrication between two bones will be damaged causing friction between them, every time your pet moves its limbs. This issue is commonly diagnosed in the shoulders, legs, and hip joints.

·        Dehydration and Poor Appetite

When there are some inner lying issues in your pets, you will find them drinking excess water. You might miss the water drinking habits of the cats because they are known as the secret water drinkers. As your pet’s age, they exhibit such characteristics which show that something is wrong with their kidneys.

When you feel like there is no other hope for your pet, you can take the help of the experts working in the vet clinic. They will suggest the right medical procedure for your animal. You can even learn about the dog euthanasia cost NYC visiting online.  

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