How to House-train an Adult Dog? 

House Training an adult dog is not as easy as house training a puppy. There are numerous chances for thongs to go south when you are house training your adult dog. Hence, you must adhere to proper instruction by adult dog training Houston professionals.

This being a challenging process, many dog owners tend to avoid trying this on their own. Do not get discouraged just right now. In most cases, training an adult dog is quite easy. It depends on the nature of your dog –

  • At what speed your dog learns
  • The age of your dog
  • How well you adhere your dog to a routine
  • Past experiences of your dog.

Ruling Out Any Medical Issue 

It is by far most important to keep in mind that your dog does not have any medical issues while you house train them. You can take any professional to help you out in this. You must never overlook the fact that your dog might be having accidents in the house due to any medical conditions.

This is a common problem observed in adult dogs who lived in the streets before getting adopted. It is safe to consult a vet or a professional to rule any sort of medical issues.

What to Do? 

Start with crate training. This will prove to be an exceptional idea, as they won’t like to soil their eating and sleeping areas; it will also help control their bladder and bowel. Ensure that the crate is spacious enough for the dog to move around. Also, try not to confine your dog for too long in its kennel than required. Make sure you are giving them an ample amount of time outside.

  • Don’t have your dog hold longer than they can 

If you are making them hold their pee or poop for too long, you are making it harder for them. Make sure that they are not forced to hold it in for extended periods.

  • Try to use the same spot for their toilet 

Dogs tend to prefer one specific spot to poop or pee; hence it is better that you choose a particular spot every time. Choose a place you want them to go and make them go to the same place every time.

  • Praise them when they get it right

We all love a bit of appreciation when we do the right things. Well, dogs are no different from us in this case. Pet them, or you can go a bit further and give them small treats every time they get it right. Ensure you are praising them as fast as possible.

  • Do not distract while they are at it 

Stop distracting them with treats, toys or petting them while they are pooping or peeing at the place you chose for them.

Closing Thoughts

It is better to avoid punishing your dog when they do not get it right. Give them time, and they will do it right. You can choose an adult dog training Houston professional for this.

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