How to Train Your Dog

One of the best parts to owning a dog is being able to train them and teach them new tricks. Not only does training your dog help to make sure they live the best life they can, but it also helps to build your bond and create a relationship like no other. Spending hours of your time dedicated to teaching them will in turn result in you gaining their trust, love and loyalty. Dogs are incredibly clever and can often be fast learners, so it’s always a rewarding process. The main key is to stick with it, be consistent and have fun!

The Benefits

Have you ever seen a dog patiently waiting to cross the road with its owner, or perhaps you’ve seen a dog sitting, off the lead in a field waiting for its owner to call them over, well these are both results of great training? There are many benefits to training your dog, from building a bond to providing them with skills that will last a lifetime, but it’s also beneficial for everyday life too. Having a well-trained dog makes life a lot easier, as not only will they behave and listen to you, but you’ll find you can do so much more with them too, which they will absolutely love.

Key Training Pieces

There are a handful of essential items you’ll need when training your dog. One of the most important things to have is treats. Training treats help you to reward your dog when they follow a command, or when they’re learning and behaving properly. Once you start to reward their actions with a treat, they will understand that they’ve done something right and continue to do so. This in turn helps to train your dog properly and make them feel positive and rewarded during the process. You can find some great training treats online, like these from Petwell, alongside some great training equipment that will help too. Alongside treats, you’re going to need a dog lead, whistle and training toys such as a training dummy. Once you’ve got all of your training equipment you can get started with your playful pup.

Be Consistent

The same applies to almost every element of learning, in order to achieve great things and learn you need to be consistent and dedicated. As a dog owner, it’s down to you to ensure that you put enough time into each day to train your dog. Having an hour scheduled in every day, at the same time, will help your dog to understand that it’s training time and they’ll know what’s coming. This structure and routine will really help your dog to learn and practice, eventually enabling them to carry out commands and actions as you go. Consistency really is key with dog training and you need to ensure you’re willing to put the effort in each day to give them the best chance of learning.

Have Fun

As mentioned above, training your dog is a really fun and rewarding process for both dog and their owner, so you need to ensure you’re having fun whilst doing so. You learn so much about your dog and their abilities when you train them, as well as understanding their personality more which in turn helps you to build a strong relationship with them. Enjoy every moment of their training, even when the rain is falling, as the more fun you have, the more enjoyable it will be for your dog.

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