The Best Walking Routine For Your Dog

Dogs also love having their own schedule, and a good one will make them the happiest and most content! Since dogs can’t speak the human language, it’s a bit difficult to understand exactly what they want and need at first. But this article will show you the perfect schedule your dog will love, starting with their walking routine!

Read on as I show you tips on creating the best walking routine your dog will love and stay healthy in.

  1. Choose a time best for your schedule

Whether you choose morning, noon, or evening, your dog will be ready when you are. Select a daily walking time that you can stay consistent with, so your dog has something to look forward to. It’s important to create time for your dog’s walks and playtime to establish a loving relationship while keeping both of you healthy.

While the morning is the best time (it’s breezy, your dog can defecate, and he will be less energetic come noon), the time you choose is ultimately up to you and your schedule. See if you can wake up a bit earlier and squeeze in a short brisk walk with your dog!

  1. Prepare the right equipment

The best walking routine also includes preparing the equipment for their health and safety. Fortunately, you don’t need expensive equipment for you and your dog. Here’s what to prepare:

  • Pet water bottle (which you can find from PetSwag) to keep your dog hydrated
  • Comfortable walking shoes and clothes for you
  • Treats for your dog
  • Doggie bags in case they defecate
  • A well-fitting dog collar and no pull dog harness for your dog
  1. Plan the location ahead

Whether it’s in the dog park or by your front yard, plan your typical walking route for your safety. Consider talking walks in serene locations, such as quiet parks or your neighborhood, as long as it has sidewalks and is generally safe.

  1. How much walking does your dog need?

Once you have everything in place, you’re probably wondering: How much walking does he need in the first place? This depends on your dog breed and size. The bigger the dog, the more exercise he will need!

In general, dogs require daily exercise, may it be in the form of walks, games, agility training, or toys. You may want to give him at least 20-30 minutes of walking a day, which will also give him time to urinate and defecate outside. You may want to go out for walks 10-15 minutes TWICE a day, or replace walks with playtime at home if your schedule or weather doesn’t permit going out.

It’s better to go on short, daily walks with your dog rather than long walks once a week. He needs to expend his energy every day or he’ll end up feeling frustrated, throwing that frustration over your furniture and home!

Wrapping It Up

Walking your dog is a daily routine and something you should make a habit of. Follow these tips and you can keep your dog happy with the perfect walking routine that suits both of you!

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