These are the states with the plumpest pets, according to a new study 

We love our pets no matter how big or small, but according to one recent study, some states are home to…huskier…pets than others.

One Vet, a virtual vet clinic, just took a look at the states with the plumpest pets in America this year. Afterall, pandemic weight gain was not just experienced in humans over the last year and a half.

“More than 60% of Americans admitted they gained weight in 2020 during the pandemic,” said One Vet, “so it’s no surprise that in another survey, 36% also reported that their dogs experienced weight gain during the same time period, leaving to many an overweight dog.”

The researchers asked over 2400 American pet owners across the U.S. to disclose the breed and current weight of their pet, then compared that number to the AKC-recommended weight for each breed. From there, they were able to determine the average number of pounds that pets are overweight by in each individual state.

The results named Pennsylvania the home of the plumpest pets in America, with animals being over 18% overweight on average and 54% above the national average of 11.83 pounds overweight. Next on the list were Virginia, Wisconsin and Georgia—Pets in these states all weighed over 16% overweight on average.

While the study named the plumpest states, they also determined that Idaho was home to the least plump pets overall. “Maybe it’s the vast Idaho fields that pups spend their days running through,” said One Vet, “but Idaho residents are keeping their pets in line!”

You can find more on the study here.


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